Meet novelli,
a thriving family business!


At Novelli, we’ve secured a reputation for:

The history of Novelli started in 1931 and we’ve seen a lot of things change.

At the height of it, we had over 400 machinists and employees, large contracts with government sectors during World War Two, and we were first in commissioning the latest garment machines in NZ at the time.

We’ve seen a lot of changes since the start, we’re talking 4 generations throughout the entire company.

But a few things have always stayed the same since the very beginning:

That’s our:

  • Commitment to partnerships,

  • Commitment to Innovation, bringing things to the forefront that people have never seen before


  • Always Thinking of Tomorrow

That’s what we do better than anyone else, and we’ve demonstrated this as a company that is still in business for over 85 years.


Our founders goal was always to: make those that came in contact with him more successful - whether that be an employee, a client or a supplier. 

We’re proud to say that his legacy still continues today and that we will do everything in our power here at Novelli to ensure that it remains to. 

We're committed to you, so...
We want to learn about YOUR BRAND and help YOU be to more successful …

Drop us a line to arrange a free strategy session at our showroom in the B:HIVE, Smales Farm. Coffee is on us.