What’s New in the World of Promotional Products?




When it comes to launching new products, finding out what’s trending is essential. Retail trends are closely followed in the promotional product industry, as consumers are exposed to more innovative and wider ranges of products. For promotional products, functionality complements sophisticated design to raise the expectations of consumers. Capitalising on custom-designed promotional products can encourage consumers to purchase your brand.

What Happened Last Year? 

The first step forward is looking back. Consider what was hot in 2017. What promotional products were popular? What wasn’t? Reviewing last year’s trending products gives you a sense of direction when planning what your company’s promotional products will be in 2018.

Besides 2017’s trending products, you can also review how your company’s own products resonated with your audience last year. Think about your brand awareness. Is it improving? If you placed a call to action on promoting your products, was it effective? The answers are worth considering in your strategy for this year.

Offer Practical Products

When selecting the right promotional product, consider something that your employees or customers will use regularly. Renowned sports and clothing companies use branded apparel to help reinforce their identity and awareness among targetted audiences. Based on a report by 4imprint, a news website, tumblers are expected to remain a popular product throughout 2018. The report states that tumblers were among the top ten items ordered in 2017. Also, writing and stationery products will continue to be popular.

Technology Reigns Supreme

Technology continues to dominate the promotional product scene. Tech products have been popular since 2014. Last year, power banks were one of the leading promo products ‒ industry experts predict the tech trend will be even more popular this year. 

What’s new is that wireless charging options are predicted to energise the promotional product scene. People want their gadgets to be connected to the internet 24/7, so battery power has become a trending commodity. Tech accessory products are ever-changing, so offering car chargers, power banks and bags with incorporated charging cables helps promote name-recognition as your employees and prospective clients continue to use the branded gift.

Emerging Market Influences

In 2018, millennials will continue to be the basis for selecting what promotional products are popular. Recognising their influence and understanding their preferences are important when selecting the right products. According to a study that focused on more than five hundred B2B companies, 27 per cent stated that they have a millennial influencer, while 13 per cent reported that they have at least one millennial decision-maker when choosing promotional products. The study suggested that millennials will continue to influence promotional product selection for many industries in 2018.

Creating Bespoke Promotional Merchandise 

Novelli can help you plan and create promotional products to improve brand recognition. From custom branded apparel to luxury luggage, we offer a broad selection of promotional products. Our skilled team and product experts have a wealth of experience that will make your products stand out from competitors.

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