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The Three E's of Promotional Merchandising

The Three E's of Promotional Merchandising


Businesses frequently associate branded merchandise as sellable items at events or giveaways to clients or sponsors. However, promotional merchandise should be seen as an integral part of your marketing strategy. In a 2016 study by the Advertising Specialty Institute, results showed that people generally have a positive impression towards a brand when they receive free promotional products. It’s simple, really: who doesn’t like free stuff?

The following are three ways promotional merchandising can help your business and enhance customer awareness.

Establish your brand identity

Brand identity is a way of portraying the image you want consumers to have about your product or service.

Brand identity can be reinforced through your logo, brand colours and other visual elements. When your business consistently uses a particular colour, tagline or image, your customer will come to associate that visual reminder to your brand. Ensuring consistency is particularly relevant to promotional merchandise.

Consistency to your brand identity results to establishing credibility. Promotional merchandise enhances your brand, portrays what it represents and underlines your reputation as a business. Gain client recall by producing high-quality promotional merchandise for your customers to remember you by.

Encourage brand awareness and retention

Branded merchandise boosts awareness for your product or service. You gain a greater chance of brand loyalty when a high-quality item is given away for free. When you give something away of quality that is useful, you earn respect, improve trust and promote loyalty to your brand.

One of the best ways that your business can propel promotional merchandising further is through customised apparel. Logo-ed t-shirts are not just a basic form of promotional merchandise; they have even been identified as a fashion trend by several blogs. Polo shirts, on the other hand, have a perceived higher value than that of a t-shirt. This translates into how your customers see your brand, so be aware of who you are targeting and the scale of your promotion.

When a customer wears a shirt with your brand name on it, it’s an effective endorsement. Your business receives continued exposure when your customer wears your branded merchandise.

Custom apparel also enables you to engage with your customers better. An expo or conference is an ideal venue for your business to promote brand awareness. When you have promotional merchandise available, your audience can relive the experience after the event has passed.

Empower employees to be brand ambassadors

Businesses can propel brand awareness through their employees. Your team members can be walking billboards and brand evangelists of your business. You can give them branded items to give away to their respective communities. Your employees can also help spread the word on your products and services when they are properly equipped with the right information and the right merchandise.

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