Disjointed merchandise ordering systems?

Disjointed ordering systems?

It doesn’t motivate anyone… managing multiple bespoke merchandise partners.


Today’s modern marketers are professional jugglers, managing everything across the board from brand strategy and digital campaigns to multiple vendors and supplier relationships.

Whatever your current focus is in marketing, it’s a critical to look at consolidating and simplifying your third-party supplier relationships.
— Sam Boakes - Sales Team Leader

Top reasons to consolidate your merchandise suppliers:

1.       One solution-focused team. Managing multiple supplier relationships is a nightmare, too many polarising ideas and conflicting agendas.

2.       Consistency. Working with multiple vendors guarantees chaos with branding and quality inconsistencies.               

3.       Personnel changes. Account managers change and trying to keep existing relationships and re-briefing new account managers is unnecessary stress, especially under tight time-frames.

4.       No logo-slapping. If a vendor doesn’t have the full scope of the campaign or brief, they often resort to logo-slapping on generic products.

5.       Delivery. If the product is all coming from the same region, why not have it consolidated and shipped together. Even offshore kitting is possible. We can bring products from various factories together to create pre-packed bespoke kits.


Consolidating your merchandise design and distribution with Novelli:

Novelli’s truly global team of merchandise specialists will ensure true creativity and originality when it comes to your custom merchandise and apparel needs.

We only offer what fits your brief objectives, keeping in line with latest trends, and even setting them! Our worldwide network of factories and quality control agents enables us to develop and produce truly unique solutions and steers right clear of the catalogue cookie-cutter approach.

Our agency brief-centered approach to bespoke merchandise campaigns sets us in a space where we’re paving new paths.

Our curious and ambitious attitude drives us deep into our clients’ “why”, to truly do justice to your marketing objectives.

To experience our streamlined processes and account management, get in touch here.