Develop Brand Awareness and Enhance Employee Morale through Company Apparel

Develop Brand Awareness and Enhance Employee Morale through Company Apparel

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The way we dress matters. For most, their clothing choices are merely a matter of habit, but there’s more to dressing up than we might imagine. Clothes make a huge difference in creating first impressions. And while we may think fashion is just ostentatious indulgence, dressing to impress is a worthwhile aspect of our everyday regimen and can even contribute to success.

Recognising the influence of your apparel has a subtle yet powerful effect in the workplace, in dealing with partners and in attracting customers. When pitching ideas to partners and release new products or services to your customers, you will be asking your audience to believe in you – just as much as you believe in them. And one way to develop this relationship is through creative and effective company apparel that embodies your brand well.

What Should Your Company Apparel Look Like

Company apparel serves as a wearable business card and an advertisement to the people you encounter and pass by. It is important that your apparel's design reflects your brand image and your company culture.

Your logo design must be clean and easy on the eyes, yet impactful enough to turn heads and create interest in just a glance. Your clothing style must be coordinated with your office wear. If your employees dress formally, perhaps a collared shirt would be a better choice than a V-neck or crew neck that is better suited for a casual dress code.

Advantages of Company Apparel in the Workplace

Apart from marketing and advertising, company apparel has been found to have great benefits in the workplace. A study published in the Journal of Hotel and Business Management revealed that company apparel made employees feel satisfied with their job and created a sense of belongingness and teamwork.

Wearing company-branded clothing develops pride and loyalty among employees. It makes your employees feel accountable, become responsible and deliver a higher quality of customer service.

Generate Brand Awareness in a Fashionable Way

Novelli is a specialist in bespoke branded apparel that generates brand awareness in a fashionable way. We carry a wide range of customisable, fashionable clothing for all your company branding and merchandising needs. We tailor your orders to a style that is solely for you. Our colouring is based on your company's Pantone Matching System profile.

For quick branding solutions, we have a selection of blank clothing that you can choose from such as classic T-shirts to high-visibility workwear. We also offer aprons, jackets, vests, socks and footwear. Our talented team of designers has years of experience in turning simple clothing into profit-generating apparel. Our team will help you stay ahead of your marketing and promotional merchandise strategies.

We take a creative and innovative approach to creating promotional merchandising that will make your brand stand out. Give us a call today and let us discuss your needs. You may contact us on 0800 808 833 or drop us a line at