Promotional Products in the Digital Marketing Age

Unleashing the Potential of Promotional Products in the Digital Marketing Age


Living in the digital age has led to many businesses rushing to find the latest marketing technology. Nowadays, more and more companies are switching to e-commerce platforms while others are producing ads that are designed to target a wider online audience. With so many professional marketers focusing on their online efforts, promotional products may have become an overlooked marketing strategy in your business.


The Power of Promotional Marketing

Although it would be foolish to ignore digital marketing as a tool, those who neglect the art of promotional marketing are missing out on a major advantage. Branded corporate gifts have a proven record in providing excellent company recall and exposure over the long term.

The Advertising Specialty Institute discovered that from a survey of over 100,000 consumers, around 85% were more likely to remember a brand long after they’ve received a promotional token. This was enforced by L.J. Market Research, who found that more than half of the participants in their study ultimately did business with the company upon receiving a branded gift.

Numbers don’t lie. According to social media expert Elle-Rose Williams, branded corporate gifts allow people to see, associate and recognise your brand. The more people become aware of your brand, the better your sales potential.

Prioritise Utility

One sure way your brand can stand out is through providing promotional products that are useful. Consumers are more likely to keep something longer if it’s useful, such as flash drives, pens or coffee mugs. A positive user experience ultimately leaves a good impression on the desired audience. With practical branded gifts, you begin to build a loyal network of engaged customers who will boost your brand recognition.

Uphold Quality

If promotional products are on your radar, it is important to choose quality products that will appeal to your target audience. Avoid dishing out poorly made gifts – they carry the name of your brand and can hurt your reputation. Instead, get in touch with a trustworthy supplier to ensure your promotional products promote quality as well as your brand.

Maintain Relevance

Relevance is all about knowing who your customers are. Through your promotional products, you should be able to create a genuine level of association and loyalty from them. If you want to sell your products to the Baby Boomers, maybe appeal to their desire for post-employment security and well-being. If your target audience is the Millennials, understand the language of the Internet and design products that reference popular culture. If you know who your audience is, you will have a clearer vision of how you want your brand to be perceived.

Novelli has Everything You Need

Utility, quality and relevance are three things that make Novelli one of the leading promotional branding agencies in New Zealand. Speed and creativity are at the heart of our business, bringing your brand to life with a vast array of promotional products – from customised apparel to branded signage.

Great things start with brilliant ideas. The Novelli team is here to help you achieve the promotional marketing strategy you’ve always wanted. For more enquiries about our products and services, feel free to get in touch with a representative today.