Novelli's Top Five

Novelli's Top Five

Welcome to the new Novelli blog.

We’ll be sharing a range of content covering product showcases, merchandise news, new product developments, announcements, events and more.

To kick it off, here’s 5 recommended products for your next merchandise promotions:

1.       Polypropylene Thermal tops

Thermals top2.jpg

Long-sleeve thermal garments have been one of the most popular winter merchandise items for tradespeople over the last few years.

In recent years, we’ve been developing a consistent source of thermals, focusing on the 100% polypropylene performance fabrics.

The differences between polyprop and polyester:

-            Polyester is a solid fibre, with minimal thermal properties,

-            Polypropylene however, is a hollow-core fibre, giving it high thermal qualities, like the way thermal mugs/flasks/performance fabrics work.

-            Polypropylene also has a much more comfortable/softer feel, while still very durable.

It’s very common for most suppliers in NZ to mix polyester with polypropylene in the garments (if any at all), which saves them money, at the expense of thermal qualities.

Also, working directly with the fabric factories, and dyeing mills, we’re able to source a retail-equivalent thermal garment, at a competitive cost against a polyester garment.


2.       Vacuum insulated bottle

Vacuum double walled bottle2.jpg

The vacuum insulated bottle keeps hot liquid for up to 12 hours and cold liquid for up to 24 hours. Due to its insulation, water wont bead on the outside; hands, bags and papers stay dry.

The full colour wrap print is a very effective way to brand the bottle, especially if you have a certain look or texture to the brand and/or product you’re promoting.

For example, James Hardie sourced their insulated bottles through Novelli, printed with the look of their RAB cement board product. The result was an effective, eye-catching design on a durable and useful product.


3.       Reversible Hi-vis Puffer Vest

Reversible Hi-vis puffer vest.jpg

Novelli’s reversible puffer vest was a first to the market in New Zealand’s construction industry.

With its day/night hi-vis design, it’s a practical, warm, durable garment, while not restricting arm movement of the wearer.

The hi-vis has been certified for NZ standards.

Its reverse side is completely bespoke, opening options for additional features, such as piping, various puffer stitch patterns, and most of all, an instant change to smart yet practical outerwear.

4.       GPS Tracking Tile

GPS Tracking tile.jpg

The gift that clients want, need and will use, with daily exposure of your brand. A GPS tracker tile is essential to keep track of your keys/wallet/bag. Paired with an intuitive app, these make things that matter, easy to find.

The tile and app come with several valuable features, including ability to call your phone, track the tile’s last known location, use tile communities to help others find their lost valuables.

Retail tracking tile brands are available through Novelli with custom branding (e.g. TrackR® & Tile®) as well as cheaper, bespoke versions.

Give the gift of finding. Printed with your company logo, think of it as a brand canvas they will always have with them.


5.       Slate Coaster

Slate Coaster.jpg

Deluxe Natural Slate coaster set, a type of product previously found only on expensive giftshop shelves, now available for your premium client gifts.

The 4pc set shown is nicely presented in a natural cardboard gift box with a window to show off the brand. It’s a corporate gift that carries that air of quality with its weight and feel.

Branding on these is subtle, using the laser engraving option.


Creating Bespoke Promotional Merchandise 

Novelli can help you plan and create promotional products to improve brand recognition. From custom branded apparel to luxury luggage, we offer a broad selection of promotional products. Our skilled team and product experts have a wealth of experience that will make your products stand out from competitors.

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