Making the Most of Corporate Gifts

Making the Most of Corporate Gifts

Giving gifts to your clients, no matter how big or small the item, shows them that they are important to you and that you value doing business with them.

Choosing the best type of corporate gift can be a complex task, with the array of gift ideas available to you. Before deciding on the best corporate gifts for your clients, you need to know the essentials of corporate gift buying.

Here are some things you should be aware of before you purchase gifts for your clients.

Check their corporate policies

Some organisations may have a gift policy that either prohibits giving and receiving gifts or limits the price value of a specific item. Before you send out gifts to your clients, check with the recipients whether there are limitations on gift giving, so they won’t have to return the item to you.

Consider your receiver's perspective

Deciding on what to give your client may pose a challenge for corporate gift giving. One way to address that is by calling your clients and asking them what their hobbies and interests are, to give you an idea of what to give them. You can also put yourself in the shoes of your client and think from their perspective. Would you enjoy the gift if it were given to you? Answering this may help solidify your decision.

Choose practicality

If the goal of your corporate gift campaign is for your clients to keep your business top of mind, choose items that they can use daily. Some good examples include writing materials, office essentials, bags or mobile phone holders.

Cash gifts may sound like an easy solution, but please do not consider giving cash to your clients. It is socially inappropriate to do so. The best option, in this case, would be a gift card.

Be sensitive about culture and gift-giving customs

Different countries and cultures will have their own sets of traditions for gift-buying. If you work with clients from different nations, do some research on what is appropriate for their lifestyle or practices. What is appropriate in one culture may be offensive in another. You must make sure that you are aware of the gifting traditions of the company or nation in which your client is based.

Quality over quantity

The business gifts that you send can reflect the image of your company. Avoid giving lower quality items that can impair your company’s good name, and invest in fewer, more excellent gifts instead.

At Novelli, we believe that things made with care stand out. Our team will discuss your corporate gift campaign with you, study your brand and work around your preferences in creating your corporate gifts. We make sure that each aspect of the product will represent your company well, so we take great care in paying attention to each detail of your branded business gifts.

Leave a lasting impression with our promotional gift items

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Our team is composed of creative and skilled experts in designing and producing promotional gift items. Work with us for unique and sophisticated corporate gifts. Contact us today.