How Novelli Takes Your Brand to the Next Level

How Novelli Takes Your Brand to the Next Level

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Promotional merchandise comes in many forms. From key chains and pens to backpacks and t-shirts, a company’s promotional items are an integral part of marketing a business. When used properly, these items do their job of increasing brand awareness. The branded items selected help businesses express their brand personality, reinforce their message and engage with their target market.

At Novelli, uniform and common branded items are a thing of the past. We take your brand to the next level with a wide range of customisable promotional products to choose from to make your brand shine. With a skilled team of promotional merchandise designers, we are not afraid to be creative and different when it comes to making your brand stand out.

Let’s Brainstorm

The first step of our full-service promotional solution starts with the ‘Dream’. After browsing our range of promotional products, take your time to think about the promotional products best suited to your branding and marketing goals. Once you have identified several options, one of our promotional product design teams will visit your office to brainstorm product ideas and how they can fit with your brand marketing strategy.

You are also welcome to our office at the B:Hive, Smales Farm located on 74, Taharoto Road, Takapuna, Auckland. Here, you can view our showroom filled with product ideas and samples of what we produced in the past to promote other clients’ brands.

Turn Your Dream into a Reality

Once we understand your marketing goals and your chosen promotional products, we move on to ‘Design’. In this phase, our design team will develop a range of product designs and send you a proposal. We will work with you to fine tune the proposed products into a final product that fulfils your dreams.  

After coming up with a final product, our production and sourcing experts will have your products manufactured by one of our local or international factories. They will also arrange samples of your chosen products to be approved before bulk production begins.

The hours spent designing your products are a free component of our promotional solution services. This ensures you have time to make sure the product is right for your business and to maximise your promotional marketing budget.

Consider it Delivered

Once bulk production is complete, we will deliver to your chosen address in good condition − whether you want your products delivered to one or multiple locations.

If you don’t have space in your office, don’t worry. We can store and control your product inventory; we will also develop a customised online ordering system that suits your business needs.

Your Solution to Promoting Your Brand

Dream. Design. Deliver. With only three phases, you can achieve your marketing goals with Novelli. As New Zealand’s leading promotional brand agency, we can brand any product you want to use as a marketing tool.

From corporate gifts to customised apparel, Novelli is your source for the best promotional products in New Zealand.

We’ll work with you at any stage of the process. Call us on 0800 808 833.