Why You Should Invest In Promotional Products

Why You Should Invest In Promotional Products For Your Brand


Promotion is crucial for any brand or business if it wants to thrive and grow. Businesses big and small invest substantial amounts of their budget into advertising their products, to make themselves and their image known to the general public.

One key aspect of any successful promotion is releasing promotional products and branded marketing gifts. They are a crucial element in many marketing plans, with companies adopting them to boost sales and generate new leads. Some consider them the oldest form of advertising. In Australia and New Zealand, marketers spend approximately $1.34 billion (AUS) and $144 million (NZ)on promotional products respectively.

Whatever the case, they remain crucial in our day and age, with good reason. Here are some benefits of investing in branded promotional products for your business.

They’re low-cost and effective

Promotional products are a remarkably cost-effective form of marketing. Other forms of advertising, such as newspaper ads and television commercials, are usually more expensive and only run for a limited time. The brand and logo disappear with the ads.

Promotional items leave a lasting, tangible impression on those who receive them. With promotional products, your brand will retain your customer's attention far longer. Because they are usually functional items, their owners will use them more frequently, giving them more of a sense of connection with the brand, whether consciously or subconsciously. Aside from that, they are not limited to a single target audience, giving your brand a wider reach.

Since promotional products are meant for mass consumption, manufacturers keep them at relatively low prices, meaning you can get more value for money.

They strengthen the brand’s image

Customers appreciate it when they receive items from their favourite brand, as they perceive it as an act of goodwill. It not only puts your brand in the public consciousness but also portrays it in a positive light, especially if the product is useful. A recent study by a trade website showed that mugs are the most effective form of branded gift due to their practical uses, with 57 per cent of respondents remembering a brand name thanks to a mug.

Aside from that, recipients of promotional products also gain more insight into your brand identity and products. Once they know what you offer, they are likely to come back for more.

They enhance customer loyalty

A survey published by the British Promotional Merchandise Association revealed that 46 per cent of senior marketers invested in branded gifts because of their ability to create brand loyalty. The study also showed that it was possible to increase brand loyalty by 85 per cent with promotional products.

Distributing promotional products makes customers feel like they belong and fosters connection with the brand. Customers feel valued and welcomed when they receive products with the brand name on them.

Promotional products have proven their effectiveness as a marketing tool; investing in them is worthwhile for your business.

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