How Novelli Takes Your Brand to the Next Level

How Novelli Takes Your Brand to the Next Level

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Promotional merchandise comes in many forms. From key chains and pens to backpacks and t-shirts, a company’s promotional items are an integral part of marketing a business. When used properly, these items do their job of increasing brand awareness. The branded items selected help businesses express their brand personality, reinforce their message and engage with their target market.

At Novelli, uniform and common branded items are a thing of the past. We take your brand to the next level with a wide range of customisable promotional products to choose from to make your brand shine. With a skilled team of promotional merchandise designers, we are not afraid to be creative and different when it comes to making your brand stand out.

Let’s Brainstorm

The first step of our full-service promotional solution starts with the ‘Dream’. After browsing our range of promotional products, take your time to think about the promotional products best suited to your branding and marketing goals. Once you have identified several options, one of our promotional product design teams will visit your office to brainstorm product ideas and how they can fit with your brand marketing strategy.

You are also welcome to our office at the B:Hive, Smales Farm located on 74, Taharoto Road, Takapuna, Auckland. Here, you can view our showroom filled with product ideas and samples of what we produced in the past to promote other clients’ brands.

Turn Your Dream into a Reality

Once we understand your marketing goals and your chosen promotional products, we move on to ‘Design’. In this phase, our design team will develop a range of product designs and send you a proposal. We will work with you to fine tune the proposed products into a final product that fulfils your dreams.  

After coming up with a final product, our production and sourcing experts will have your products manufactured by one of our local or international factories. They will also arrange samples of your chosen products to be approved before bulk production begins.

The hours spent designing your products are a free component of our promotional solution services. This ensures you have time to make sure the product is right for your business and to maximise your promotional marketing budget.

Consider it Delivered

Once bulk production is complete, we will deliver to your chosen address in good condition − whether you want your products delivered to one or multiple locations.

If you don’t have space in your office, don’t worry. We can store and control your product inventory; we will also develop a customised online ordering system that suits your business needs.

Your Solution to Promoting Your Brand

Dream. Design. Deliver. With only three phases, you can achieve your marketing goals with Novelli. As New Zealand’s leading promotional brand agency, we can brand any product you want to use as a marketing tool.

From corporate gifts to customised apparel, Novelli is your source for the best promotional products in New Zealand.

We’ll work with you at any stage of the process. Call us on 0800 808 833.

Why You Should Invest In Promotional Products

Why You Should Invest In Promotional Products For Your Brand


Promotion is crucial for any brand or business if it wants to thrive and grow. Businesses big and small invest substantial amounts of their budget into advertising their products, to make themselves and their image known to the general public.

One key aspect of any successful promotion is releasing promotional products and branded marketing gifts. They are a crucial element in many marketing plans, with companies adopting them to boost sales and generate new leads. Some consider them the oldest form of advertising. In Australia and New Zealand, marketers spend approximately $1.34 billion (AUS) and $144 million (NZ)on promotional products respectively.

Whatever the case, they remain crucial in our day and age, with good reason. Here are some benefits of investing in branded promotional products for your business.

They’re low-cost and effective

Promotional products are a remarkably cost-effective form of marketing. Other forms of advertising, such as newspaper ads and television commercials, are usually more expensive and only run for a limited time. The brand and logo disappear with the ads.

Promotional items leave a lasting, tangible impression on those who receive them. With promotional products, your brand will retain your customer's attention far longer. Because they are usually functional items, their owners will use them more frequently, giving them more of a sense of connection with the brand, whether consciously or subconsciously. Aside from that, they are not limited to a single target audience, giving your brand a wider reach.

Since promotional products are meant for mass consumption, manufacturers keep them at relatively low prices, meaning you can get more value for money.

They strengthen the brand’s image

Customers appreciate it when they receive items from their favourite brand, as they perceive it as an act of goodwill. It not only puts your brand in the public consciousness but also portrays it in a positive light, especially if the product is useful. A recent study by a trade website showed that mugs are the most effective form of branded gift due to their practical uses, with 57 per cent of respondents remembering a brand name thanks to a mug.

Aside from that, recipients of promotional products also gain more insight into your brand identity and products. Once they know what you offer, they are likely to come back for more.

They enhance customer loyalty

A survey published by the British Promotional Merchandise Association revealed that 46 per cent of senior marketers invested in branded gifts because of their ability to create brand loyalty. The study also showed that it was possible to increase brand loyalty by 85 per cent with promotional products.

Distributing promotional products makes customers feel like they belong and fosters connection with the brand. Customers feel valued and welcomed when they receive products with the brand name on them.

Promotional products have proven their effectiveness as a marketing tool; investing in them is worthwhile for your business.

Novelli is New Zealand’s leading promotional branding agency and blank apparel stockist. We import promotional products for large corporations in both New Zealand and Australia, and offer bespoke services to cater to your needs. Contact us today.

The Three E's of Promotional Merchandising

The Three E's of Promotional Merchandising


Businesses frequently associate branded merchandise as sellable items at events or giveaways to clients or sponsors. However, promotional merchandise should be seen as an integral part of your marketing strategy. In a 2016 study by the Advertising Specialty Institute, results showed that people generally have a positive impression towards a brand when they receive free promotional products. It’s simple, really: who doesn’t like free stuff?

The following are three ways promotional merchandising can help your business and enhance customer awareness.

Establish your brand identity

Brand identity is a way of portraying the image you want consumers to have about your product or service.

Brand identity can be reinforced through your logo, brand colours and other visual elements. When your business consistently uses a particular colour, tagline or image, your customer will come to associate that visual reminder to your brand. Ensuring consistency is particularly relevant to promotional merchandise.

Consistency to your brand identity results to establishing credibility. Promotional merchandise enhances your brand, portrays what it represents and underlines your reputation as a business. Gain client recall by producing high-quality promotional merchandise for your customers to remember you by.

Encourage brand awareness and retention

Branded merchandise boosts awareness for your product or service. You gain a greater chance of brand loyalty when a high-quality item is given away for free. When you give something away of quality that is useful, you earn respect, improve trust and promote loyalty to your brand.

One of the best ways that your business can propel promotional merchandising further is through customised apparel. Logo-ed t-shirts are not just a basic form of promotional merchandise; they have even been identified as a fashion trend by several blogs. Polo shirts, on the other hand, have a perceived higher value than that of a t-shirt. This translates into how your customers see your brand, so be aware of who you are targeting and the scale of your promotion.

When a customer wears a shirt with your brand name on it, it’s an effective endorsement. Your business receives continued exposure when your customer wears your branded merchandise.

Custom apparel also enables you to engage with your customers better. An expo or conference is an ideal venue for your business to promote brand awareness. When you have promotional merchandise available, your audience can relive the experience after the event has passed.

Empower employees to be brand ambassadors

Businesses can propel brand awareness through their employees. Your team members can be walking billboards and brand evangelists of your business. You can give them branded items to give away to their respective communities. Your employees can also help spread the word on your products and services when they are properly equipped with the right information and the right merchandise.

We create bespoke wearables for your business

Allow us to help you come up with big ideas for your business.

As the leading promotional merchandise company in the region, we provide wholesale blank apparel and develop customised promotional merchandise throughout New Zealand. We have partnered with several big brands to create promotional and fashionable corporate clothing.

Contact us at 0800 808 833 for enquiries. 

Develop Brand Awareness and Enhance Employee Morale through Company Apparel

Develop Brand Awareness and Enhance Employee Morale through Company Apparel

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The way we dress matters. For most, their clothing choices are merely a matter of habit, but there’s more to dressing up than we might imagine. Clothes make a huge difference in creating first impressions. And while we may think fashion is just ostentatious indulgence, dressing to impress is a worthwhile aspect of our everyday regimen and can even contribute to success.

Recognising the influence of your apparel has a subtle yet powerful effect in the workplace, in dealing with partners and in attracting customers. When pitching ideas to partners and release new products or services to your customers, you will be asking your audience to believe in you – just as much as you believe in them. And one way to develop this relationship is through creative and effective company apparel that embodies your brand well.

What Should Your Company Apparel Look Like

Company apparel serves as a wearable business card and an advertisement to the people you encounter and pass by. It is important that your apparel's design reflects your brand image and your company culture.

Your logo design must be clean and easy on the eyes, yet impactful enough to turn heads and create interest in just a glance. Your clothing style must be coordinated with your office wear. If your employees dress formally, perhaps a collared shirt would be a better choice than a V-neck or crew neck that is better suited for a casual dress code.

Advantages of Company Apparel in the Workplace

Apart from marketing and advertising, company apparel has been found to have great benefits in the workplace. A study published in the Journal of Hotel and Business Management revealed that company apparel made employees feel satisfied with their job and created a sense of belongingness and teamwork.

Wearing company-branded clothing develops pride and loyalty among employees. It makes your employees feel accountable, become responsible and deliver a higher quality of customer service.

Generate Brand Awareness in a Fashionable Way

Novelli is a specialist in bespoke branded apparel that generates brand awareness in a fashionable way. We carry a wide range of customisable, fashionable clothing for all your company branding and merchandising needs. We tailor your orders to a style that is solely for you. Our colouring is based on your company's Pantone Matching System profile.

For quick branding solutions, we have a selection of blank clothing that you can choose from such as classic T-shirts to high-visibility workwear. We also offer aprons, jackets, vests, socks and footwear. Our talented team of designers has years of experience in turning simple clothing into profit-generating apparel. Our team will help you stay ahead of your marketing and promotional merchandise strategies.

We take a creative and innovative approach to creating promotional merchandising that will make your brand stand out. Give us a call today and let us discuss your needs. You may contact us on 0800 808 833 or drop us a line at

ASB Toy Ambulance and Station

Great ideas & great partnerships

The ASB / St John Success Story

Toy Ambulance.JPG


As a sponsor of St John New Zealand , ASB Bank were looking for innovative ways to further engage their customers to support fund-raising for St Johns. ASB reached out to Novelli as an existing business partner for their promotional merchandise to see if they could help.


Novelli reviewed their portfolio of ideas to consider how to engage ASB customers to support St Johns while ensuring that the branding and commercial needs of ASB continue to be met. The idea soon started to take shape that the ideal solution was to have an ambulance that customers could take home. Soon ideas were flowing, and the concept of the little ASB ambulance was born. Novelli’s partners were soon able to extend this idea to a build your own brick version of the ambulance so that all ages would be able to engage in building and playing with their own ambulance.


Novelli developed and produced the ASB Toy Brick Ambulance, and to continue the success, the addition of the 2017 Ambulance station enabled ASB to continue to donate a full-size ambulance for each of the last 3 years and ensure that thousands of kiwi kids have built, played with and enjoyed their very own toy St Johns / ASB ambulance.

ASB result.JPG

McDelivery Delivered

McDelivery Delivered

 McDonald’s has been a long-standing client of Novelli’s, working together for over 12 years.

Working alongside a large global franchise has meant overcoming some very tight time-frames, in-store health and safety restrictions, franchise arrangement challenges, ambitious sales targets and limited budgets to deliver exceptional promotional strategies and merchandise that ensure successful campaigns for our client.

A recent campaign showcased our ability to deliver over and above with tight time-frames and a wide range of elements.

McDonald’s launched McDelivery in NZ on 18th July. The team contacted us 20 days prior to this with a request to have activation material delivered to 11 branches before launch date.

  • 20 day turnaround
  • 6,500 units 
  • 4 different products
  • 11 branches 
  • Design, source, print & split distribution 
  • Confidential launch

Novelli sourced product, created art files, produced visual proofs for approval. We then produced, branded and distributed the products to the branches using both local and offshore suppliers. Additional to this, this sensitive campaign was kept completely confidential by Novelli and our partners.

Click here to learn about other projects that we have worked on.


Chic ideas for lifestyle GWPs

Chic ideas for GWP campaigns

- lifestyle brands -


Connect with loyal fans and increase brand engagement by including a gift with purchase that aligns with the look, feel and messaging of your brand.

Here are a few ideas for a chic lifestyle brand that can be ordered in bulk and completely customised for your brand.

1. Luxury Lambswool Blanket

Lambswool Blanket.jpg

2. Cotton zipped pouch

Cotton Pouch.png

3. Lip moisturizer

Lip Balm.jpg

5. Cotton Gift Bag

cotton gift bag.jpg

5. Urban duffle bag made of washable paper

Urban Duffle washable Paper.png

6. Soy Candle

Soy candle.jpg

7. Recycled Notepad

Recycled notepad.jpg

8. Glass Bottle

Glass bottle.jpg

Great things start with brilliant ideas. The Novelli team is here to help you achieve the promotional marketing strategy you’ve always wanted. For more enquiries about our products and services, feel free to get in touch with a representative today.

Promotional Products in the Digital Marketing Age

Unleashing the Potential of Promotional Products in the Digital Marketing Age


Living in the digital age has led to many businesses rushing to find the latest marketing technology. Nowadays, more and more companies are switching to e-commerce platforms while others are producing ads that are designed to target a wider online audience. With so many professional marketers focusing on their online efforts, promotional products may have become an overlooked marketing strategy in your business.


The Power of Promotional Marketing

Although it would be foolish to ignore digital marketing as a tool, those who neglect the art of promotional marketing are missing out on a major advantage. Branded corporate gifts have a proven record in providing excellent company recall and exposure over the long term.

The Advertising Specialty Institute discovered that from a survey of over 100,000 consumers, around 85% were more likely to remember a brand long after they’ve received a promotional token. This was enforced by L.J. Market Research, who found that more than half of the participants in their study ultimately did business with the company upon receiving a branded gift.

Numbers don’t lie. According to social media expert Elle-Rose Williams, branded corporate gifts allow people to see, associate and recognise your brand. The more people become aware of your brand, the better your sales potential.

Prioritise Utility

One sure way your brand can stand out is through providing promotional products that are useful. Consumers are more likely to keep something longer if it’s useful, such as flash drives, pens or coffee mugs. A positive user experience ultimately leaves a good impression on the desired audience. With practical branded gifts, you begin to build a loyal network of engaged customers who will boost your brand recognition.

Uphold Quality

If promotional products are on your radar, it is important to choose quality products that will appeal to your target audience. Avoid dishing out poorly made gifts – they carry the name of your brand and can hurt your reputation. Instead, get in touch with a trustworthy supplier to ensure your promotional products promote quality as well as your brand.

Maintain Relevance

Relevance is all about knowing who your customers are. Through your promotional products, you should be able to create a genuine level of association and loyalty from them. If you want to sell your products to the Baby Boomers, maybe appeal to their desire for post-employment security and well-being. If your target audience is the Millennials, understand the language of the Internet and design products that reference popular culture. If you know who your audience is, you will have a clearer vision of how you want your brand to be perceived.

Novelli has Everything You Need

Utility, quality and relevance are three things that make Novelli one of the leading promotional branding agencies in New Zealand. Speed and creativity are at the heart of our business, bringing your brand to life with a vast array of promotional products – from customised apparel to branded signage.

Great things start with brilliant ideas. The Novelli team is here to help you achieve the promotional marketing strategy you’ve always wanted. For more enquiries about our products and services, feel free to get in touch with a representative today.